Hanmac Phones


A brand like no other

We make phones which proudly show off our passion for fine mechanics, European culture and in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship.

Since 2008 we focus on one thing only : to create phones that are truly unique and different. We make phones as a statement against conformism.

Refusing the impersonal uniformisation of mass production we are specialized in small-scale production, which allows us to offer the highest level of personalization.


Designed in France

Driven by the experienced French designer Romain Vauchez the Design studio imagines products which redefine our everyday experience of technology, products which bring something extra to their users.

Our French Design Studio is at the heart of HANMAC. It’s located in Besançon, a city with centuries of history in watchmaking and today one of France’s leading centers of technology.

From medieval knight values to industrial revolution aesthetic, our inspiration is deeply rooted in French history and it shines through our products.

Designed for China

In 2014, HANMAC launched a series of “affordable luxury” phones with the same differentiation spirit.
Hanmac phones are created to meet the demanding expectations of Chinese users.

Thanks to our strong operation team in China, HANMAC has become over the years a major player in Chinese luxury market.

Your touch

Our customers are unique.
So should be their phones.
Mass production is not in the DNA of HANMAC, every phone we do will always be someone’s.
We can make it yours.

Contact us to know more about our customization services :

  • special decoration themes
  • personalized engraving
  • exclusive security applications
  • One-to-One services

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